I-raad (LIC council)

Next to the WERA, in which all principal investigators participate, the I-raad/LIC council is an advisory council that advises on for example budget planning, possible reorganisation plans, structural co-operations with external partners, and the appointment of a new scientific director (WD). In addition, the LIC council is an important means of communication between the WD and the LIC employees that are not PI. The council meets at least three times a year, but it can also be convoked more frequently by the members of the council or the WD, to discuss about particular topics. For more details see the attached Faculty of W&N Regulations (paragraph 5, articles 47 and 48).

Contact the I-raad

Send your comments, questions, or suggestions, to: instituutsraad@chem.leidenuniv.nl

Tenure Track/chair Sylvestre Bonnet
Tenure Track Joerg Meyer
Tenure Track Jeroen Codee
Tenure Track Remus Dame
PhD student Vincent van Rixel, Anthe Janssen
Policy assistant Lianne Reinders
Administrative office Michelle van der Haar
Technician Nico Meeuwenoord
TOA Arjan Oudshoorn
Student (CDL) Damy Zwagerman
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