Facilities at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Cloning & Protein Purification Facility

The Cloning and Protein purification Facility (CPF) provides expertise and assistance in molecular biology techniques. We train and help researchers, BSc and MSc students of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry with their research projects including:

NMR Facility

At the NMR facility we study the synthesis of paramagnetic molecules. These molecules make it possible for NMR spectroscopy to learn many things about the structure and dynamics of proteins. This knowledge provides the basis for a new medicine that binds to a protein or for the development of new vaccines. Drug development is one of the core activities of Universiteit Leiden.

ParaNMR Facility

The Paramagnetic NMR Facility Leiden has been established to provide support to researchers who want to apply paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy to biomolecules. Support is offered in the design and synthesis of paramagnetic probes, either for general application (such as lanthanide tags and spin labels) or a dedicated purpose (such as enzyme substrates modified with a paramagnetic group).

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