MSc Programme Life Science & Technology

Life Science and Technology is the central science to lead our society toward a healthy and sustainable future. The basis of the Leiden master programme in Life Science and Technology is formed by research carried out in the life sciences and chemistry groups of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC). Researchers take a science-based approach in finding tailored solutions for complex societal problems as encountered in personalized medicine, systems biology and sustainable use of biological sources.Starting from day one, and during the whole master programme the student is a member of a research team in the LIC. Guided by an individual mentor, the student assembles a tailor-made educational program for optimal training to become a life sciences professional. Included is the option of research training projects in other research groups of the Faculty of Sciences, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands Cancer Institute or Erasmus Medical Center or abroad. These research projects are complemented with high-level lecture courses.


The MSc programme offers four specialisations:

  • Research in Life Science and Technology; students follow a two-year programme in one of the research themes to become an independent and creative scientist.
  • Life Science and Technology and Science Based Business; combine training in Life Science and Technology with education in business and entrepreneurship.
  • Life Science and Technology and Science Communication and Society (taught partly in Dutch); combine research with programmes in different aspects of science communication, such as journalism.
  • Life Science and Technology and Education (taught partly in Dutch); prepare for a career in teaching chemistry and/or biology.
Career prospects

After completing the MSc Life Science and Technology programme, students have a broad array of career prospects. The master degree is a stepping-stone for those graduates with the aspiration to pursue a PhD degree. Students with a desire to apply their life sciences and technology knowledge outside the university have good job possibilities in R&D departments in industry, business, public utility companies, teaching, consultancy and government bodies. Many students eventually attain higher management positions. The area around the institute is the largest Bioscience Park within the Netherlands with ample job opportunities.

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