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Twenty years from now, the world population is estimated to be around 8.3 billion people (now 7.3 billion). In combination with the improvements in living standards and the corresponding growth in consumption, this will result in an enormous increase in the demand for food, consumables, water and energy. Technological and fundamental chemical solutions to meet these demands are needed.

Chemical biology research at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry is aimed at understanding biological processes at the molecular level to strengthen the knowledge base of human health and disease. The approach to achieve this goal is a fundamental chemical one; with the aid of chemical probes biological systems are interrogated.


Call for tenure track positions in chemical immunology

The Institute for Chemical Immunology (ICI) has opened four tenure track positions, to be appointed in the Fall of 2015. Ambitious researchers with a background in chemistry, immunology, or both, and with a demonstrable interest to pursue high-quality research at the interface of chemistry and immunology are invited to apply.

Vici grant awarded to Alexander Kros

For his research proposal "Understanding membrane fusion at the molecular level using a biomimetic model system" Alexander Kros has been awarded a Vici grant as part of NWO's Innovation Research Incentives scheme.

The 6th Leiden Chemistry & Data Science Meeting, May 28th 2015

The 6th Leiden Chemistry and Data Science Meeting will be held on thursday May 28th, in room 204 at the Huygens Laboratories, Leiden. The LCDS Meeting will be hosted by Prof. dr. Geert-Jan Kroes (Theoretical Chemistry, LIC)

Klaas Jan Schouten awarded Dutch Catalysis Prize 2015

Klaas Jan Schouten has been awarded with the Dutch Catalysis Prize 2015 for his PhD thesis on “Electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction – A mechanistic study”.

Remus Dame joins Protein Chemistry group

Dr Remus Dame and his coworkers have joined Protein Chemistry, expanding our research in protein - DNA interactions. Dr Dame uses in vitro and in cell techniques to study how proteins influence the physical and functional properties of DNA.

The website will be updated soon to accommodate the new research lines of Dr Dame and Dr van Ingen (see news item December 2, 2014).

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