Our focus

Chemical biology research at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry is aimed at understanding biological processes at the molecular level to strengthen the knowledge base of human health and disease. The approach to achieve this goal is a fundamental chemical one; with the aid of chemical probes biological systems are interrogated.

Twenty years from now, the world population is estimated to be around 8.3 billion people (now 7.2 billion). In combination with the improvements in living standards and the corresponding growth in consumption, this will result in an enormous increase in the demand for food, consumables, water and energy. Technological and fundamental chemical solutions to meet these demands are needed.


Welcome programme CSC PhD students September 2014

Every year in September, The Leiden Institute of Chemistry  welcomes several Chinese PhD students who have been granted a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). To make sure the new students feel welcome and to help them to get accustomed to their new working environment and living in the Netherlands, we have set up a 3 week introduction program, starting on September 15th.

Wetenschappelijke ambitie realiseren met een Veni

15 veelbelovende Leidse onderzoekers kunnen de komende jaren hun onderzoeksplan realiseren dankzij een Veni-financiering van NWO, waaronder de chemici dr. Wangyang, dr. Calle-Vallejo en dr. Chiodo en de astronoom dr. Tobin.

Hugo van Ingen new assistant professor in Protein Chemistry

The Leiden Institute of Chemistry and the section of Protein Chemistry welcome Hugo van Ingen as a staff member. Van Ingen is appointed as tenure-track assistant professor and will set up his new research group focusing on the molecular basis of chromatin function.

Papers in JACS and Angewandte Chemie

A paper on oxygen evolution by an immobilized molecular iridium catalyst by Oscar Diaz-Morales and Thom Hersbach was recently published in JACS.

A Highlight in Angewandte Chemie discusses recent advances in electrochemical reduction of carbon monoxide.

Twee miljoen voor bio-chemisch onderzoek

De Leidse hoogleraren chemie Hermen Overkleeft en Hans Aerts hebben, samen met hun collega Huib Ovaa van het Nederlands Kankerinstituut, 2 miljoen euro gekregen van NWO voor biochemisch onderzoek. Het onderzoek kan leiden tot nieuwe behandelingsmethodes voor verschillende ziektes.

Special issue of PCCP on Electrocatalysis with Perspective on Gold Electrocatalysis

A special issue of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics on “Electrocatalysis - Fundamental Insights for Sustainable Energy”, co-edited by Marc Koper and Yasuhiro Iwasawa (Tokyo), includes a Perspective Article by Rodriguez and Koper on “Electrocatalysis on Gold”, which also features on the cover of the issue:

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